Segafredo Zanetti Austria

In its Hallwang headquarters, near Salzburg, Segafredo Zanetti Austria produces top quality coffee destined for the Central European market.

Its roasting process uses cutting edge technology, a pride for the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group.

Segafredo Zanetti Austria is an ambassador for real Italian espresso in Austria. “Service and quality” are the two underlying secrets of its great success.

Thanks to the large number of Segafredo Zanetti Espresso franchise shops, Segafredo Zanetti Austria has become one of the most important franchisors in the country, and the Segafredo Zanetti brand is the most well known throughout Austria.

Segafredo Zanetti Austria supplies a considerable number of clients in the hotel, bar and catering sector, distributing the products using a unique direct distribution system. 

The range of products for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel also include a respected local brand: Fabia “Original Wiener Kaffee“. 

Segafredo Zanetti Austria’s domination of the various distribution channels is completed by its second range of products for retailers, cash & carries and wholesalers.

Hallwanger Landestraße 10
5300 Hallwang bei Salzburg - AUSTRIA
Tel. (+43) 662 661.382
Fax (+43) 662 661.385