Massimo Zanetti Beverage Ibéria

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Ibéria S.A. was born in 2017 by the merging of Segafredo Zanetti Portugal and Nutricafés S.A. 

Nutricafés S.A. was born in 2000 through the union of two historical Portuguese companies: Chave D’Ouro and Nicola Cafés. Chave D’Ouro was mainly dedicated to producing and marketing high-quality and selected coffee since the beginning of the XX Century, while Nicola Cafés dates back to 1779, when the historical and iconic establishment, Nicola Café opened, a meeting place for writers and politicians and the home to one of Lisbon’s famous intellectual circles, the tertulias

Segafredo Zanetti was the first Italian coffee brand to establish itself in Portugal in 1986 and introduced the Italian espresso concept, which is now the favorite drink of most Portuguese consumers.  

In September 2017, the companies merged their main activities of roasting, grinding, packaging, distribution and service and combined modern technologies, high quality of raw materials and consolidated expertise with a nationwide distribution in the Food Retail, Horeca, Hotel Industry and Office Coffee Service segments in order to meet all market needs. 

With this merge, MZB Iberia will be the third operator in Portuguese coffee market, a very competitive market. MZB Iberia will assume a leading position in the single serve market, namely in the market of Nespresso compatibleâ

Furthermore, MZB Iberia will be responsible for the business development and current operation in Spain, expecting growth primarily through Segafredo, but also by introducing the brand Nicola. 

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Massimo Zanetti Beverage Ibéria S.A.
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