Café Pacaembu

Founded in 1957, Café Pacaembu is one of the most traditional coffee brands in the State of São Paulo and is a globally recognized name in the coffee sector for expertise, technology and innovation. It is one of the main roasting coffee companies in Brazil; it sources the finest coffee beans from the States of Minas Gerais and São Paulo. 

Café Pacaembu is equipped with one of the most modern roasting plants in Latin America for the production of ground coffee and single serve to meet the growing Brazilian demand. 

The company is highly committed to a sustainable value chain by recycling 100% of the plastic and cardboard used in packaging and by reusing rainwater in its industrial cycle.

Café Pacaembu Ltda 

Rua Sargento Cassiano, nº 2281- Bairro.: Jardim Santa Marta 

Vargem Grande do Sul -SP Brasil. 

Tel.: 0055 (19) 3641 9222 

Email :