TIKTAK Segafredo Zanetti Netherlands

TIKTAK is the oldest company in the Group: founded in Groningen in1870 as a family-run company, it soon underwent a major development process that placed it at the top of the Dutch market. 

One of the first companies to have a Fairtrade brand (Max Havelaar), it has been producing and packaging coffee for the Netherlands Fairtrade Labelling Organization for over a quarter of a century.

Is it the proud holder of the prestigious mark of the Dutch Royal House, having received the certification “By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands”. 

It also produces the whole Segafredo Zanetti range for the Netherlands.

Rouaanstraat 10
9723 CD Groningen - Netherlands
Tel. (+31) 50 317.6300
Fax (+31) 50 314.6181
E-mail: info@tiktak-segafredo.nl  
Web: www.tiktak-segafredo.nl