Hoja Verde Gourmet

Based in Ecuador – home to one of the most prized varieties of Arabica coffee and the extraordinarily fine “Fino de Aroma” cocoa – Hoja Verde Gourmet is a leading player in the coffee and chocolate sector. 

The coffee and cocoa produced in these communities are appreciated all over the world because of their rich aromatic bouquet. Ecuador’s geographical diversity ensures a significant range of aromas and flavours that differ by region. 

Hoja Verde Gourmet, in just a few years, has succeeded in building a prestigious image for itself in the chocolate world, confirmed by the numerous awards won and certifications obtained. Many of its products have won recent international prizes, such as the Academy of Chocolate, Ecuador Chocolate Awards, and International Chocolate Awards Americas. 

The coffee produced by Hoja Verde Gourmet – Café Vélez – comes from selected producers in the provinces of Loja, Zamora, Intag and Pichincha, home to Ecuador’s capital, Quito. 

The equatorial soils are rich in minerals and the plantations located at altitudes ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 meters above sea level grant the coffee unique sensory properties.

Hoja Verde Gourmet Hovgo S.A. 

Calle de las Avellanas S8-238 y Miguel Ángel
Quito, Ecuador
Tel. +593 (02) 601-7050
Email: info@hvg.com.ec
Website: https://hojaverdechocolate.com/

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