fabia is a premium-quality Austrian coffee and a brand with a rich tradition. Since its foundation in the 1950s, the name has stood for the exclusive art of roasting according to the original Viennese recipe. For decades, we have been producing coffee using a sophisticated drum-roasting process in our roastery in Hallwang, Salzburg. 

We meticulously produce our fabia products, taking time to perfectly recreate the honored blend, and time for ongoing quality optimization. 

We celebrate coffee. Our premium and breakfast product lines guarantee customers to savor carefully selected products, crafted with love and supreme skill. 

fabia Wiener Mokka – Classy and emotional. 

fabia Wiener Creme – Impressively versatile. 

fabia Wiener Klassik – Traditional and stylish. 

fabia Wiener Moderne – Reinterpreting tradition. 

fabia offers tradition and class – A taste of Viennese coffee culture