SZ Germany

Segafredo Zanetti Deutschland is an ambassador for the “real Italian espresso” in Germany and considers the application of the “service and quality” concept to be one of its core strengths.

The Segafredo Zanetti brand has established a name for itself in the country and is becoming increasingly popular.
One of the reasons for this success lies in its extensive network of Segafredo Zanetti Espresso franchise coffee houses, which, by spreading the Italian espresso culture, have made Segafredo Zanetti Germany a national market leader in the bar channel.
The company has a unique distribution system, enabling it to supply a large number of nationwide clients directly with exclusive products from the Bar Line.

The mass market and cash & carry channels are both supplied with products from the Grocery Line, with which Segafredo Zanetti reaches every corner of the country.

The constant, intense Segafredo Zanetti teamwork ensures that coffee lovers can always enjoy a perfect Italian espresso.

Zielstattstraße 42
D-81379 München 
Tel. (+49) 89 829.92 50
Fax (+49) 89 829.92 550