Villa Zanetti

Villa Zanetti is in the center of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group universe.

Here is located the Headquarter, where the strategic and coordinative activities are carried out in relation to the articulated company network in the Group.

Positioned in front of the main façade of Villa Zanetti there is the famous contemporary sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro’s work, an emblem of time-place continuity that reflects its meaning in the Villa, where Massimo Zanetti  was born and spent his childhood.

The sculpture is also a metaphor for -that “point in the space”, from where the Family’s history  began and to where, after many years, returned.

This sense of  eternal  movement is commemorated by a slow and continuous 360° rotation of the work.

Point in the space, a place of return and a new starting point.

Villa Zanetti - Pomodoro

Il Punto dello spazio

Arnaldo Pomodoro