We aim to offer our coffee, in its various forms, our cafés, our quality and our service worldwide

"When walking through Vienna, I found myself outside a wonderful old venue, but I could equally have been in Venice, Lisbon, Paris or London. 

I suddenly realized what it was that drives me, in my life and in my work, to move forwards, improve, expand and look for new countries where we can market our products, which are the result of our experience and the feelings that link us to this product.

Indeed, feelings are behind everything, as I shall try to explain as simply as possible. Once again, I will be seeking to inspire a love of coffee.

Coffee is my life, and that of many other people.

It is traditional in many cultures, greeting us each morning.

It helps us get over a hangover and gives us energy when we’re tired.

In short, it is something familiar, like a much-loved family member whom we just cannot do without.

We drink coffee throughout our lives, starting with our first caffe latte as children.

As we get older, we drink our first espresso, pure coffee, which makes us feel really grown up.

Coffee accompanies us through our first job and our first contact with a difficult client.

And I could go on, mentioning many other situations.

Coffee can be described as a faithful friend, accompanying us throughout our lives.

Entering our lives, its qualities trigger our imagination, recalling episodes from the past, memories and happy times.

Millions of people go to work every morning thanks to this product.

A simple cup of coffee brings us all together, starting with our team and, I hope, with our customers."

President Massimo Zanetti

Presidente - Massimo Zanetti

Il Presidente Massimo Zanetti