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Our History

The Massimo Zanetti Bevarage Group’s story took its roots in the past. Massimo Zanetti is born into a merchants of coffee family; not only the tradition, but also the passion was transmitted by his grandfather and then by his father. 

So, in the 1970s, Massimo Zanetti embarked on a long path that started with the purchase of the roasting Segafredo in Bologna and it has been continuing, since the 1980s, with the expansion of foreign operations, first in Portugal, France and Austria and then in South America.

The 2000s  were crucial for the Group growth that , first, it extended its presence in North Europe with Meira purchase, a Finnish company, and secondly, it entered in the United States economy with the MZB USA acquisition. In the same years was created Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System, a company specialized in solution with high service to content consumers and Office Service sector. 

The passion for the coffee is the thread of this beautiful story, that started in distant times and has still continued, where the past meets the present and head for new horizons.

Il gruppo - Mission

"As a child...

... I used to have fun following my father down to the port in Venice and climbing aboard ship, accompanied by the captain, to observe every move of the crane as it unloaded the vessels by dropping nets down into the hulls, then heaving out again full of coffee sacks.
Even the sailors, strange types of every race, to my eyes promised a thousand tales"