Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group S.p.A. (hereinafter “MZB” or the “Group”) is one of the world leaders in the production, processing and distribution of roasted coffee. With turnover of €914 million and over 3,000 employees, the Group has a portfolio of more than 40 brands. Some are known around the world, such as Segafredo, which has been synonymous with Italian espresso since 1960, while others are leading players in local markets, thanks to brand identities which combine traditional influences with new market trends.
Underlying the strong international presence is a network of companies belonging to the Group, of which 20 are involved in roasting, and 37 conduct commercial operations, with a direct presence in 36 countries. 
MZB also controls the entire coffee value chain, in more than 110 countries, and in all distribution segments. The Group operates in the Mass market segment, which includes the national and international distribution chains, in the Foodservice segment, mainly cafés, restaurants, and hotels, and in the Private Label segment, a channel dedicated to Mass Market and Foodservice companies that sell under their own brands the coffee and the products provided by the Group. 
The Group’s broad product range, which includes all types of roasted coffee - ground coffee, whole coffee beans, instant coffee, capsules and pods - allows us to accommodate the preferences and expectations of all our customers. As well as coffee, MZB produces and sells tea, spices, cocoa, chocolates and other food products, which it purchases from a network of selected suppliers. 

In addition to procurement, roasting, packaging and sales activities, MZB also designs and produces “La San Marco” professional coffee machines for cafés, as well as machines for use in automatic dispensers in offices. Furthermore, the Group manages a network of approximately 400 franchise cafés around the world.
The Group has a particularly significant market presence in the United States, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, Finland and the Asia-Pacific region. Despite its Italian origins, Italy now accounts for less than 10% of the Group’s turnover.