Massimo Zanetti’s passion for the world of coffee and entrepreneurial vision have enabled the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group to become a leading authority around the world and one of the key players in the industry. The acquisition of Bologna-based roasting company Segafredo in the 1970s was the first chapter in a story whose origins are deeply rooted in Italy yet whose strategy is centred around opening up to international markets.


In 1973, Massimo Zanetti bought Industria Nazionale Coloniali Segafredo S.p.A., a roasting plant in Bologna operating mainly in the Italian market. From the very beginning, the objective has been to become the Italian reference point in the sale of roasted coffee through the bar and café channel, offering not only a quality product but also goods and services that would ensure customer loyalty, such as, for example, supplying professional machines to prepare the coffee on a free loan for use basis. This premise underlies the acquisition in 1976 of La San Marco, one of the leading Italian brands for the supply of professional coffee machines and equipment for bars..


European expansion began, initially with the acquisition of a number of companies with production facilities in Austria and France, the creation of commercial businesses in Portugal and Spain and - finally - the signing of commercial agreements with distribution firms in Germany, England, USA and Australia. During this time, the acquisition of Cofiroasters, was finalised, a Swiss company operating in green coffee trading. This period, lastly, also sees the first Segafredo Zanetti espresso branded cafés, which were mostly managed on a franchising basis. During the 1990s, the Group’s growth strategy continued, with further European and international expansion secured thanks to the acquisition of Dutch company TikTak and Finnish company Meira, one of the leading coffee companies in Finland (owner of well-known brand Kulta Katrina). The process of internationalisation then moved beyond Europe, with the acquisition of Café Nova Suissa in Brazil and a distributor in Australia.


The Group continued to establish itself around the world thanks to the acquisition of four historic American brands, Chock Full o’Nuts, MJB, Hills Bros and Chase and Sanborn, and the purchase of a modern roasting plant in Suffolk, Virginia. The commercial expansion process in North America also continued with the acquisition of Kauai Coffee, which manages the business related to the cultivation of green coffee in one of the largest and most productive coffee estates in Hawaii. MZB also became the owner of a business unit that includes a roasting plant in Moonachie, New Jersey. In 2014, MZB bought the Boncafé Group, which operates in Asia and the Middle East. On the basis of this structure, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group S.p.A. went on to be listed on the stock exchange in 2015. Between 2015 and 2018, the Group completed the acquisition of Nutricafés S.A., which - following the merger with Segafredo Zanetti Portugal - became MZB Iberia. The Group also continued to invest, acquiring shareholdings in strategic, expanding markets such as Canada (Club Coffee), Australia (Tru Blue) and Indonesia (PT Caswells).

Il 2019


A At the end of October 2018, the Group announced the acquisition of The Bean Alliance, an Australian company that had been operating for 35 years and was well-known for product innovation, particularly in the “local roasted” channel, which had significant growth potential, and for its focus on sustainability, illustrated by its many awards and certifications. The acquisition of The Bean Alliance, completed in February 2019, strengthened the presence of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group in Australia and provided another important growth opportunity in the Asia Pacific region. The Bean Alliance is mainly known for the Bean Ground and Drunk, Gravity Espresso and Ox3 brands, which were set up to satisfy demand from artisan and new speciality coffee shops, local coffee communities and independent roasters, which are particularly popular with the new generation of baristas. Bean Ground and Drunk is Australia’s first certified organic coffee and has won many sustainability-related awards, including the 2019 Gold Champion Australian Certified Organic Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Year at the Annual Awards for Organic Excellence.



The MZB Group, through its subsidiary company Massimo Zanetti Beverage Iberia, has finalised the acquisition of Portuguese company Cafés Nandi SA. Active in the Food Service sector, Cafés Nandi - the first company in Portugal to obtain the environmental certifications required by the EU - has a modern, efficient facility adjacent to the MZB Iberia facilities. This acquisition will enable us to increase the production capacity of roasting plants in the Iberian peninsula, satisfy growing European demand, particularly for biodegradable capsules, and achieve important new milestones in a range of areas, including those linked to sustainability. The facility will be equipped with solar panels capable of providing 80-90% of its total energy requirements, making the site a model facility for other companies in the Group.



The Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group has acquired Café Pacaembu Ltda, a company with over 60 years’ experience which is synonymous with coffee in Brazil. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of the company’s production facility and the brand’s consolidated market presence, the Group will be able to tap into the expected rapid expansion of the coffee sector in Brazil. Recently named the best “extra strong” coffee in terms of product quality and process standards by the Coffee Quality Program (PQC), run by the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association (ABIC), Café Pacaembu is one of the best-known coffees in the country.



During 2019, the five main companies in the MZB Group discussed business priorities including sustainable procurement, product and process quality and environmental responsibility, resulting in the creation of three Group-wide policies. The identification of shared sustainability objectives, their implementation and the compliance of the individual companies and suppliers with the new requirements confirms the MZB Group’s commitment to promoting the adoption of ethical, virtuous behaviours within its supply chain, to guaranteeing products that are of high quality, safe and exceed client expectations and to adopting company practices and innovative sustainable solutions to promote the more efficient use of natural resources. For more information on the Quality Policy, please visit the “Products and clients” chapter. More information on the Sustainable Procurement Policy can be found in the “Value chain” chapter, while additional information on the Environmental Policy can be found in the “Environment” chapter.



In 2019, the Hawaiian company of the MZB Group signed up to the Sustainable Coffee Challenge (SCC), an international collaborative initiative between companies, governments, NGOs and research institutes with the aim of setting out sustainable practices in the coffee sector. MZB USA and Boncafè International had already signed up to the SCC. Currently, around 9% of the 3,100 hectares belonging to Kauai Coffee are treated with high-fertilising organic composted material, meaning that no chemical fertilisers are required. By signing up to the SCC, Kauai Coffee Company has committed to increasing sustainable agricultural practices on its land by reducing the use of chemical fertilisers by 2022 and increasing the proportion of land treated organically and sustainably by 30%. With over 125 partners, the SCC aims to promote and increase sustainable working and supply practices throughout the supply chain by increasing sustainable procurement and monitoring crops and forests, with the objective of making coffee the leading sustainable crop in the world.