MZB Ibéria celebrates 100 years of Chave d’ Ouro

MZB Ibéria paid tribute to the first 100 years of the iconic brand Chave d’Ouro by creating a commemorative logo and an exclusive collection of celebrative sugar sachets reporting the main historical events occured along the Century, starting from 1916 – year of birth of Chave d’Ouro. 

To make the celebration unforgettable, MZB Ibéria held a party at Leiria’s Football Stadium inviting all of its workers, partners and customers. The celebration, carachterized by a convivial atmoshpere, excellent Portuguese music and food was a memorable day for all! 

Chave D’Ouro is a traditional and prestigious brand aimed towards demanding customers, thanks to the use of highly selected grains and unique blends. Chave D’Ouro unites tradition with the art of making the best coffee blends. A wide selection of aromas is available both in coffee and teas. 

Happy Birthday, Chave d’Ouro!