Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System official sponsor of Vasco Rossi’s concert

Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System is official sponsor of the famous Italian singer Vasco Rossi’s concert taking place in Modena on the 1st of July. 

Vasco has beaten the worldwide record of paying spectators for a single concert! Being official sponsor of the Modena Park event is an honour for Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System. The show will get together different generations of fans from all over Italy. 

The event represents all different souls of our Country united by the same passion for sharing unforgettable moments. Just as it happens in music, Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System finds in the coffee ritual the same joy to share happiness and the greatest pleasures of life and we hope our consumers will associate Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System’s coffee to their favourite moments. 

Enjoy every single moment of the concert, al massimo, of course!