Tour de Pologne: a great result for Trek-Segafredo and Segafredo Zanetti Poland

From July 12th to July 18th, the Tour de Pologne captivated the attention of many sport fans, who crowded the country for the whole week; it was the perfect occasion to support the Trek-Segafredo Team and promote the culture of truly Italian espresso.

On the podium shone the Trek-Segafredo colours of Mr Fabio Felline, in second place overall in the 25 kilometer time; a memorable result, his first World Tour podium conquered with an impressive effort and passion for his job. The Tour de Pologne was his first race back after a bad injury, that seriously tested his perseverance and tenacity. As stated by Felline “I only raced the national championships before this, and that was only one day. I worked really hard, I trained at altitude and made huge sacrifices to come back…Every one told me ‘no stress, no stress’ so I just took it day by day, but each day with the maximum”. What a positive example!

The cherry on the cake was the city where the award ceremony took place, Kraków, exactly where the Segafredo Zanetti Poland is located. Segafredo Zanetti coffee has been the perfect natural doping for our cyclists and a delicious break for the whole audience. During the Tour, real “coffee lessons” were organized by Segafredo Zanetti Poland; expert bartenders showed to the audience how to prepare a perfect espresso, create eye-catching latte art and serve different Italian coffee beverages.

The synergy between Trek-Segafredo and Segafredo Zanetti could not be stronger!