“Verso Monet”: the blogger's day

“Verso Monet. Storia del paesaggio dal Seicento al Novecento.”

After the large numbers of journalists present to the October 23rd's vernissage, yesterday was the day of bloggers who have come from all over Italy on Segafredo Zanetti's invitation.

During the event, organized by Segafredo exclusively for bloggers, Marco Goldin introduced the exhibition with a guided tour to the 105 masterpieces coming from museums all around the world.

You can see the photos of the day and read the comments on various social by searching the hashtag #artandcoffee.

Today will take place the Official opening of the exhibition, where Segafredo is Special sponsor, with the inauguration set for 18:00 hours, when Segafredo President Massimo Zanetti will talk about his decision to sponsor this extraordinary exhibition.

And tomorrow, October 26th, the opening to the public. It is expected an attendance record.