The Segafredo Espresso Café in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, has won the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013, a great accomplishment for all of us!
Let’s discover something more about their story… 

Q: Dear Mr. Ostanaev, the Segafredo Espresso Café in Dushanbe has won the Certificate of Excellence 2013. What is your personal recipe for success? 

A: That’s great news for all of us because success is a synonym for high quality, high quality is achievable only with the best team, best service and offering the best products on the market: this is the reason why we use Segafredo Zanetti’s coffee, the best Italian coffee. 

In addition to this, we love our job and put our heart, soul and passion into every coffee we make, so that everyone can feel it…. we have reached our goal! 

Q: Why have you decided to open a Segafredo Espresso Café in Dushanbe? 

A: My dream was to open a cozy cafe in the center of our city and, by chance, a friend of mine offered me the opportunity to enter this business with Segafredo Zanetti Espresso….what a lucky opportunity!
I’ve met many people willing to share their experience and advices. 

In particular I would like to thank Mr. Hubert Hahn for believing in this project and Mr. Josef Roehrenbacher for his patience; our success was possible also thanks to their passion! 

Q: What makes Dushanbe’s Segafredo Espresso Café different from other cafés?  A: A truly special atmosphere that makes our guests feel like as they are in a real European cafe. 

Q: A question for your Barista: being in touch with customers is one of the best part of your job. Can you tell us your most precious memory related to this aspect? 

A: This is an interesting story…! 

A special customer visited our Café a couple of weeks after the Grand Opening: she was the CEO of the World Bank Division in Tajikistan….and she was Italian! That’s an unusual customer! 

Our Barista told her about his training and offered her our espresso. She tasted espresso silently...she had a sip of coffee... Silence. Then one more sip... Silence again... All of us getting stressed and nervous. She was still tasting the aroma in silence... 

Finally she said to the Barista: “I can feel you have a new coffee machine, is that right?” Our Barista agreed. “The coffee is good, but you need a couple of weeks more to complete the break-in of this machine” she said, “…and then it will be the ideal Italian Espresso!” 

Wow, at last! Applause and relief for all of us!  :)