Segafredo Zanetti Brazil

Segafredo Zanetti Brazil has its offices in the Minas Gerais region and works in the retail, bar and export sector.
It has branches in the country’s biggest cities, including Sao Paolo, Rio De Janeiro, Juiz de Fora, Brasilia and Porto Alegre, which also handles distribution in the state of Santa Catarina.

The company markets and distributes three lines of coffee: the typical Brazilian line, with the soft padded packaging, under the Massimo, Buono, Itambé, Nacional and Nova Suissa brands; Segafredo Zanetti's classic international lines in vacuum packs and as whole beans.

Commercializaçao e Distribuiçao de Café, S.A.
Rua Continental, 400
CEP 32371-620 - Bairro Cincão - Contagem - MG - BRASILE
Tel. (+55) 31 3326.0200
Fax (+55) 31 3326.0219