Chock full o’Nuts at Vinovo

We are proud to announce the opening of a new Chock full o’Nuts outlet in Vinovo, Turin, inside Mondo Juve Shopping Centre, the largest shopping complex of Piedmont and one of the most innovative of Europe in terms of concepts, sustainability and urban development. 

The café is strategically positioned to catch all visitors coming from the different accesses of the Mall. The offer is targeted at all ages and includes the typical American cafeteria menu associated with the traditional Italian one. 

The new café had a great success among the visitors of the Mall, especially thrilled by filter coffee, a very unusual beverage for the Italian market.  

Flavio Sarzi, Country Manager Italy of Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Worldwide comments: “We are extremely proud of having opened a CFON in this new commercial complex, located by the Juventus Training Centre, especially as Segafredo Zanetti Italia has recently become Juventus Official Coffee. See you at the next opening!” 

Happy with the success of Vinovo, the Italian openings of Chock full o’Nuts will continue soon!