New opening in Shanghai and Hong Kong

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group is proud to report the opening of 12 Segafredo Espresso Cafes in Shanghai and Hong Kong in the last 4 months. All cafes are operated by our franchisee TNPI (TNPI C&T HK Co LTD for Honk Kong area and TNPI Shanghai Inc. for Shanghai area).

As announced in the press release dated on 15th May 2015 the partnership project with TNPI envisages the opening of more than 20 selling points by the end of 2015, to be expanded to more than 50 by the end of 2019, that will join the existing boutiques in China and Hong Kong.

All twelve shops have a total of nearly 600 seats and a total surface of more than 1600 square meters.