New Openings in Venezuela

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Worldwide is proud to announce the new opening of 2 cafes in Venezuela, the country where “summer never ends”.
Literally, Venezuela means ‘Little Venice’. The origins of its name traced back to many years ago when explorers, seeing that the houses were built on stilts on lake, pointed its resemblance to Venice.

Our first Segafredo Espresso Cafe is located in Caracas on the 3rd floor of Paseo el Hatillo, a prime shopping and entertainment center in the south east of the city.
The second Segafredo Espresso Cafe is located in Barquisimeto, the capital of the state of Lara; this latter, is one of the main urban, industrial, commercial and transportation centers of the country.
Indeed, Barquisimeto is the fourth-largest city by population and area in Venezuela after Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia. Our Segafredo Espresso Cafe is placed right inside the Jirahara Hotel, a definite landmark of Barquisimeto. Both Cafes are operated by our franchisee Interplaza Group, represented by Mrs Mary Pichardo.

The Segafredo Espresso Cafe in Caracas counts 200sqm and 80 seats, while the one in Barquisimeto has total area is 572 sqm, divided in an interior of 262 sqm, 50 sqm of terrace and a big kitchen with 262sqm where our staff will bake our own bread daily.
In both Cafes our Espresso is served in the real authentic Italian style, as we are used to and expect, but we also have a wide high-quality food selection and excellent coffee cocktails.