A coffee on the Silk Road

Let’s celebrate together the opening of a new Segafredo Espresso Cafè in the heart of one of China's famed dynastic capitals, Xi’an.

Xi'an, is the capital of Shaanxi-province in central China, steeped in history as it not only was the cultural and political capital of China for hundreds of years, but also the beginning point of the Silk Road leading west. 

The biggest tourist draw is, of course, the Army of the Terracotta Warriors, but the city itself is an interesting destination to visit Muslim markets and tour the mostly-intact city wall.

But Xi'an is not only famous among tourists: Xi'an is the largest economy of the Shaanxi province, at least fifty-eight countries have established over 2,560 enterprises in Xian and more than 30 universities are based in this city.

Inside the new Cafè at the Saga International Shopping Mall we will give the opportunity to travelers, workers and students to enjoy a cup of authentic Italian coffee as if they were in Italy.

To our franchisee, Shaanxi Qinpeng Industry Co. Ltd, and his Team we would like to say: thank you for your work, thank you for your ideas, thank you for your commitment… Onward and upward!