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In the Land of the Rising Sun a new Segafredo Espresso Café opens its doors to all espresso lovers in the city of Mita, Tokyo.

Mita is a well know city in the area of Tokyo. Here are located the Keio University, one of the highest educational institution in Japan, many embassies, temples and shrines dating back to early Edo period (1603 to 1868), Asuka period (538 to 710) or Heian period (794 to 1185).

Good news for all the people travelling through Tamachi Station (more than 307 thousand travelers daily) or Mita Station( more 190 thousand travelers daily) …now they have access to 2 Segafredo Espresso Café in just 2 minutes walk!

This is the second opening inside the Mita Bellju Building by our franchisee Bull’s eye Co., Ltd.: a successful collaboration with one shared goal: to bring life into Bull’s eye Co., Ltd.’s motto: “Create and provide tasty foods, interesting and cozy atmosphere”.

This new Segafredo Espresso Café offers 132 square meters of relaxing Italian lifestyle, delicious traditional Italian style ice-cream and the most famous Espresso to all the workers in Mita Bellju Building, visitors of the nearby Italian embassy(700m from the shop) or Fiat employes having their Japanese Headquarters in this new building.

What more to say? ...welcome to our new Segafredo Espresso Cafè!  いらっしぁいませ!