Boncafé (Thailand) rewarded with three “Superior Taste Awards” by the International Taste Institute

Boncafé (Thailand) has been rewarded with three “2021 Superior Taste Award” recognitions by the International Taste Institute, a global leader in the evaluation and certification of consumer food and beverage products. 

The three winning blends, meticulously created by the Boncafé’s Thai team and produced exclusively from coffee beans grown and roasted in Thailand, are: 

BONCAFÉ SIGNATURE BLEND – “CAFE CLASSICA” is a premium blend of Arabica and Robusta, mildly-roasted for a smooth taste. Score: 90.1%, awarded with 3 Stars. 

BONCAFÉ SIGNATURE BLEND – “CAFE RAMA” is made from 100% high mountain Arabica coffee beans and roasted mildly with a fragrant aroma. Score: 86.5%, awarded with 2 Stars. 

BONCAFÉ CLASSIC BLEND – “MOCCA” is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, with a medium roast and a chocolate finish. Score: 83.5%, awarded with 2 Stars. 

Last year, Boncafé won the Superior Taste Award with its Espresso Angelo and Caffè Crema blends, which represented an encouraging step to start developing three new high quality coffee blends for release in 2021 – and this year’s awards have confirmed Boncafé’s commitment to superior taste and quality on a global scale!