Meira launches a new 100% natural dipping powders line

Meira introduces a new line of dipping powders 100% natural with no additives. 

According to Meira’s recent research* dipping powders are much appreciated by Finnish consumers although the majority do not know what they contain, in spite of purchasers’s increasing attention towards food ingredients. 

To meet the growing demand for natural and healthy food including dips in the Finnish market, Meira expands its range by launching three different dipping powders, all containing only authentic herbs and spices. In addition, Meira’s dips contain less salt and sugar than the average and are gluten free and vegan. In Finland, dip powders are traditionally mixed with sour cream to accompany chips and vegetables, but thanks to its natural content, Meira’s dips are also suitable for everyday cooking, either mixed with oil or added like ordinary spices, to enhance flavors. 

* Survey conducted by Bilendi Finland in March 2021. The survey was answered by 1,000 Finnish adults (aged 18-75).