Meira introduces Smooth, an Extension of the New Kulta Katriina Plus Coffee Line

The new Kulta Katriina Plus line by Meira introduces Smooth – a dark, slowly-roasted filter coffee with lower acidity than the typical Finnish filter coffee*. 

Per Capita, Finland has the highest consumption of coffee in the world, and as such, Meira's product development team set out to craft a unique coffee to deliver a smooth, well-rounded profile with exceptional taste and as a result, Smooth was created. 

Produced with naturally low-acid coffee varieties and slowly roasted to a dark roast, Smooth imparts a soft yet full-bodied profile. To further ensure the consistent quality of Smooth, Meira checks the acidity level of every single batch. 

Offering sustainable-sourced coffees is the essence of all coffee production at Meira, and like all Kulta Katriina Plus products, Smooth coffee beans come from selected Rainforest-Alliance Certified farms in Vietnam and Central and South America.


*The average pH level of Finnish filter coffees is 4.5–5. The lower the pH, the more acidic the coffee. The pH level of Kulta Katriina Plus Smooth coffee is 5.2–5.5, which means that it is considerably less acidic than the average coffee.