Segafredo Select is the accessible-premium cafe concept created by MZB Services, the franchising division of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. It belongs to the true ‘Fifth Wave’ cafe school, pairing the artisan quality that customers expect with the professionalism in franchising that MZB Services can deliver at a global scale.  

Targeted at a wide and growing audience of design-aware coffee lovers, Segafredo Select features the best of modern Italian styling. Serving exceptional coffee, from the Italian classics to global speciality brews, the concept also features artisan food, cocktails and gelato. 

“With Segafredo Select we’re showing that we have the courage & capability to deliver the pinnacle of Italian coffee culture for a global audience.” Pascal Héritier - Chief Operating Officer - Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group.

The new Segafredo Select range of roasts are set to be meticulously crafted at in-store Roasteries or locally. A Cold Brew Bar and a fully featured Coffee Lab experience will be central to more fully featured locations, while the Segafredo Select Signature Roast and iconic minimal Italian design will feature in all executions, meaning a consistent world-class coffee experience wherever you find the brand. Segafredo Select executions can be extended to include authentic Italian dishes, wines, cocktails, gelato and pastry extending the appeal of the franchise. 

“From a fully featured Flagship to the simplest On The Go solution, Segafredo Select provides ready-to-implement modularity with full turnkey execution. Each solution is entirely customisable within a range of sophisticated options available. 

With Segafredo Select we’re not just building a cafe concept: we’re creating a platform to enable franchisee success and deliver a level of expertise and design that customers around the world are increasingly demanding.” Csaba Salamon - Chief Executive Officer - MZB Services.

Segafredo Select is considering launch partners, with a goal of opening the first cafes in early 2020. For more information visit our updated website on or for enquires email