Italian coffee aroma spreads around Japan: Unicafe chooses Segafredo for its Keurig K-cup system

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group announces that Segafredo was selected by Japanese company Unicafe as one of the six brands to provide compatible capsules for its new Keurig K-cup system. During the press conference held in Tokyo, a coffee tasting session introduced the new blends to journalists and professionals. 

Segafredo Roma specifically-produced capsules mean to spread the Italian coffee tradition in the Japanese market and the objective is to deliver other new blends in the near future.  

“We are very proud that Segafredo was selected as one of the most popular 6 coffee brands for K-Cup, especially because we are the only Italian roaster” says Toshiro Mori, President and Head of Asia Region of Segafredo Zanetti Japan “Segafredo is happy to serve as an ambassador to represent Italian coffee and culture in Japan”. 

“Single serve business is constantly growing in Japan and following the Group’s strategy, the new product will enhance our brand awareness in the country” adds Pascal Héritier, COO of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group “Moreover, it represents an interesting add on to our compatible capsules offer in such an important market, which could generate further developments in the whole APAC region”.