Segafredo Zanetti Espresso ‘doubles down’ at Central Phuket

Central Food Retail, Segafredo Zanetti Espresso’s long time franchise partners in Thailand, have opened two wonderful cafes inside the awesome Central Phuket Mall, billed as the height of luxury and leisure resort shopping on the island. The cafés are located in Floresta, the new addition to Central Phuket, and linked to the original building by modern moving walkaways. Phuket’s new iconic landmark features more than 400 shops offering a plethora of products, plus the Tribhum theme park being the world’s first fantasy walkthrough, alongside Thailand’s largest aquarium are only some of the unforgettable entertainment experiences offered. 

The modern, sophisticated design of both cafés are fully integrated with Floresta’s decoration, comprising nature motifs and incorporating various aspects of Thai art, culture, literature and modern architecture that capture the imagination setting free images of tropical rainforest and a magical world. 

“Congratulations to Central Food Retail on the simultaneous opening of two cafes within the awe inspiring Central Phuket, adding to the numerous Segafredo Zanetti Espresso cafes that locals and visitors to the touristic island of Phuket can now enjoy,” adds Paul Barbone, Director Franchise Operations, SE Asia & China for Massimo Zanetti Beverage Services Ltd.