San Marco Coffee and Jean-Paul Gaultier: the meeting of two offbeat spirits

What could be more natural for San Marco, the coffee that has broken the rules since its creation, than partnering with Jean Paul Gaultier, sulphurous creator and Enfant Terrible of French Fashion, during his Fashion Freak Show and invite its customers to win a ticket to attend this fabulous performance?  

Jean-Paul Gaultier is rocking Paris with an extraordinary production now on stage at the Folies Bergère Theatre. The show retraces his life through the performance of dancers, actors and circus artists, all wearing fabulous outfits created by the artist and which seem escaped from the theatre to adorn the limited-edition San Marco’s coffee cups and boxes, born out of the partnership with the designer. 

"Our relationship with Jean-Paul Gaultier for this ambitious project started about a year ago and we have been particularly careful to meet Jean-Paul's demands at every stage” explains Nicolas Peyresblanques, General Manager of Segafredo Zanetti France. “This partnership represents a new, modern and bold expression of the bond between the San Marco brand and the world of arts and design”.