Historic Caffè Sociale of Mantua reopens with Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti is proud to announce the re-opening of Caffè Sociale, a historic cafeteria located inside the Teatro Sociale of Mantua. Built between 1817 and 1822 by architect Luigi Canonica, the theater is one of the main monuments of the city; after a careful restructuring that respected all limitations imposed by the Fine Arts Authorities, the theater is now open again.  

Protagonist of the counter is the elegant and technological Leva Luxury coffee machine, ready to serve premium quality coffees and delicious coffee cocktails. A selection of aperitifs and snacks is also available. 

“We are excited to announce the opening of this historic café, which is the result of an extensive work of projecting and search for materials, aimed at restoring the prestige of such an iconic cafeteria” says Flavio Sarzi, Country Manager Italy of Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Wordlwide.