Segafredo Zanetti France opens Scuola del Caffè Paris

We are glad to announce the recent opening of Scuola del Caffè Paris, Segafredo Zanetti’s school of coffee inaugurated by Segafredo Zanetti France. 

Segafredo Zanetti France appointed the charming Hotel du Collectioneur of Paris as seat of its School. The renowned five-star hotel is situated in the heart of the 8° arrondissement and has been a partner of Segafredo Zanetti for few of years. 

Scuola del Caffè Paris was conceived to transmit Segafredo Zanetti’s espresso coffee culture to its Parisians and Strategic Customers, offering tailor-made courses according the their single requests. 

Nicolas Peyresblanques, President of Segafredo Zanetti France comments with satisfaction : “The opening of Scuola del caffè Paris is the result of a clear strategy aiming at enhancing our coffee through a 360° quality coffee along the whole supply chain. 

We can now offer our clients a very high-level training which enables them to provide their clientèle with an excellent taste and sensorial experience. 

On such purpose, we have built a global approach, starting from different training lessons (on espresso, latte art and coffee culture) where our clients can not only learn the art of delivering a perfect coffee, but also solutions to increase their turnover. Such approach is reinforced throughout the national territory by our expert agents, real ambassadors of our know-how. 

Finally, the choice of the Hotel du Collectionneur as seat of our School is the result of a longstanding partnership and the sharing of a common quality values vision and constant search for service excellence. It is also and undoubtlessly a hotel of prime quality, ideally situated in the center of Paris”.  

The opening ceremony was held in the marvelous park of the Hotel du Collectioneur where Chef Barista Adrien Casula delighted its guests with espresso coffee beverages. 

In such a warm summer day, Segafredo Zanetti’s guests were thrilled by th excellent ice coffee and Crema Caffè prepared in the lovely kiosk specifically created for the event.