6th opening in Seoul

A new prime location has just opened its doors in Seorae Village, Seoul. 

Also known as “Montmartre” by the locals, Seorae Village is a small French enclave in Seoul, home to about half of the French residents of South Korea. Located in the surroundings of Gangnam business district as well as of few main leisure attractions such as Yangjaecheon Stream, Han River Park and Umeyonsan (Mount Umeyon), Seorae has recently attracted a growing number of foregin residents thanks to its pleasant and comfortable residential environment. 

Our new prime location can host up to 100 customers at a time and is having a great success, especially among the foreigners both in the daily hours and at night, when cocktails and alcoholic drinks are served. 

Besides the traditional cafeteria menu including Italian snacks, antipasti and dolci, customers can choose among a large variety of mocktails or cocktails. Another specialty of the house is the Frappé with Mascarpone frozen cream. 

“We are very impressed at this cozy shop which our partner converted from a local brand recently” says Toshiro Mori, President of Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Japan and Head of Asia Region. 

After the great success of this location, we are ready for the next opening!