Segafredo Zanetti, the best coffee in Casablanca

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso unveils its last café, recently inaugurated in cooperation with Glorious Café in Casablanca, Morocco.

Located in a business area of the city, the café opens at 7 am, to start serving breakfast to workers on their way to the office and continue at lunchtime, with a very appealing Mediterranean/Italian food offer. A delicious home-made bakery selection is produced in the kitchen that is visible through a wide glass window facing the seating area.

The first focal point when stepping in is the counter and service point, enriched by Moroccan black and white decorative tiles. Just behind it, a stair leads to the upper floor, where part of the 150 seats are located. Clients who prefer to sip their coffee in the open air can relax in the nice and cosy terrace where some seats are also available.

This is our seventh opening in Morocco and other projects are in store, ready to satisfy Moroccans’ passion for the original Italian espresso and also tourists’ visiting this wonderful country.