A Segafredo Zanetti coffee at Marrakech airport

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso has recently inaugurated a new café at Ménara International Airport of Marrakech, one of the largest and busiest airports of Morocco, serving international and domestic routes and counting almost 5 million passengers per year.

Marrakech has always enchanted writers, film stars, colonialists, artists, fashion icons, hippies and rock stars. It is Morocco’s most popular destination, receiving over 30 percent of all visitors.

The café opened in cooperation with our partner Hassan Aksisse is located in the beautiful new departure terminal; the structure of the airport extension is reminiscent of typical wire mesh combined with modern details and enriched by arabesques on the windows that filter the sunlight, creating a pleasant contrasts effect.

The fantastic location of our new SEC provides great visibility, thanks to its 100 sqm and 26 seats. The take-away concept is obviously an important and convenient element for passengers, who can order panini, drinks, pizza and gelato, besides  the unmissable coffee.

When visiting the charming Marrakech next time, stop at our café to enjoy a perfect Italian coffee!