Chock full o'Nuts opens at Mestre railway station

We are proud to announce the first kiosk in Italy managed by its franchisee partner Lagardère Travel Retail,branded Chock Full o'Nuts; the name is already known and warmly appreciated in New York.

The point of sell Chock Full o'Nuts, is located inside Mestre railway station, just ten minutes away from Venice. Placed in a crucial point of transit for many commuters and tourists who flock to the station every day, the kiosk offers a wide range of products such as filter coffee, espresso, cold or flavored coffee.

The kiosk is thirty square meters, open from 6 am to 7 pm, and is characterised by its international style; it has a wide selection of products for an American or traditional breakfast, soft drinks and snacks.

Coffee lovers, wishing to have a warm take-away coffee, will find useful thermos for sale and beautiful cups branded Chuck Full o'Nuts.

We are waiting for you at Mestre railway station ... for a tasty departure, a pleasant arrival or just for a delicious break!