New Opening TOKYO

Segafredo Zanetti Cafè at Kudanshita Chidorigafuchi: a new truly enchanting Italian-Japanese experience combining coffee, cherry blossoms and history. 

We are proud to invite you at the newly opened Cafè in Tokyo, in the very center of the capital of Japan, adjacent to the Imperial Palace and just 1 minute walk from one the most beautiful cherry blossoms’ viewing spots in all Tokyo.

We hope this new Cafè will be new must-stop place for all visitors of the Institute of Italian Culture in Tokyo (just 5 minutes’ walk), Chidorigafuchi Shrine and Yasukuni Shrine. Just to mention some of the many attractions of Kudanshita district, well known site of scenic beauty and historic interest.

We would like to thanks our colleagues in Japan for their valuable work and our franchisee partner, VhekTii Japan Co. Ltd, for sharing with us our vision and goal: to be the “Ambassador of the Italian Coffee Culture” all over the world and offer to all our customers every time, every day,  superb coffee, delicious food, fresh baked bakery products and refreshing Italian-style ice-cream.