New Opening RUMANIA

All Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Team congratulates with our franchisee Add Quality Concept srl for opening the first Segafredo Espresso Cafè in the city of Braila, Rumania.

This old historical city during the 19th century has become one of the three most important ports on the Danube River in the region of Walachia. The Old Town features several points of interest: for example the Romanian Orthodox Church , which served as mosque during the Ottoman rule.

Once more the passion and the professionalism of the franchisee has been the key of the success of the grand opening event of this new Cafè: thanks to the cooperation of our Trainer Mr. Josef Röhrenbacher and 12 employees of BIBAS Group every customer of the coffee shop had the opportunity to taste for the first time a traditional Italian coffee at the Promenada Shopping Mall.

The coffee shop has encountered the immediate enthusiastic reaction of its visitors, strongly impressed by the innovative and attractive style of the decor but above all by the high quality of the Segafredo Zanetti coffee brand.

Beside our famous espresso, our customers loved from the very first moment the traditional Italian Gelato (ice-cream), delicious even in winter time.