Passion has created a new accord. A chord of notes, accord of people. 

Always sensitive to tradition, to local territory and to the values it has represented from its founding to the present day, Segafredo Zanetti is a company that knows how to listen and is always in search of new harmonies. Its passion for the arts in general and music in particular has inspired it to support an important project which it feels is especially meaningful: the making of a DVD from the concert titled “Opera Seconda” which will include pieces from the new record of the same name along with the Pooh’s greatest hits, in collaboration with the “Ensemble Symphony Orchestra”. 

Two life stories resonating in time, and interweaving on a wider stage. 

A vibrating chord made up of personal paths, intersections and natural circumstances unites Segafredo Zanetti and the Pooh, the most successful group in the history of the Italian record business. For a start, a love for the city of Treviso. Birthplace and home for many years to Massimo Zanetti. And the city in whose historic “Mario Del Monaco” Municipal Theatre the Pooh have chosen to record the concerts sponsored by Segafredo Zanetti – Red Canzian being another DOC citizen of Treviso. The concerts, taking place on the 10t and 11th of July, will mark a memorable milestone for the city and for the world of music. 

Shared paths and places re-encounter in a single exhilarating moment.

 Segafredo Zanetti passion and Pooh emotions entwine: forming one great echo of a heart beating in unison along an axis joining Treviso with Bologna. Because while it’s a fact that Massimo Zanetti’s incredible adventure in the world of coffee – prelude to an experience that would later spread all over the world – had its roots in Treviso 50 years ago, it’s also a fact that the first notes of the Pooh’s music were being written in the same period in Bologna, the city that then became and remained the home of Segafredo Zanetti. 

Two protagonists of an event that symbolises Italian excellence for the world. 

Segafredo Zanetti and the Pooh. Powerful representatives of Italy’s prestige and creativity in the world. Highly original, but also synonymous with “Made in Italy”, long universally appreciated and acclaimed. Authentic expressions of profound qualities that transmit emotion. That’s what we are. Those are the values we identify with. And our wish and commitment is to nurture them and make them grow, projecting Treviso towards a future still more alive with emotion and enriched by success.