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Segafredo Zanetti  Espresso is proud to announce the recent opening of a new café in Hong Kong.
The coffee shop is located in the crowded Causeway Bay, on the first floor of the Fashion Walk, the largest square dedicated to outdoor shopping of this area, where you can breathe the taste and elegance of European style in the heart of Hong Kong, walking through trendy boutiques and refined dining corners.
The new café will be a reference point for the customers who frequent this part of the city, always attentive to the new international trends, thanks also to the dedication of our local franchisee, Dolci Hong Kong, and his young and enterprising owner, Mr. Luis Kwok, who recently has taken over the reins.
Mr. Kwok is a very passionate gastronome and Barista. He believes that success will come with consistent quality, high level service and hospitality and the right atmosphere; to achieve it  he relies on a staff composed by experienced pastry chef from Hong Kong.
Once again Dolci Hong Kong contributes to the diffusion of the Italian espresso culture in the great Asia.